Nov 6, 2019 - 02:55 pm

Piaggio unveils faster version of Vespa Elettrica e-scooter


Unambiguously named the Vespa Elettrica 70 km/h, Piaggio’s new e-scooter now has a top speed of 70 kph and will be offered in addition to the previous 45 km/h version. The new model is on display at EICMA.

The higher speed has made possible by adapting the existing components, while the peak output of 4 kW remains unchanged. The lithium-ion battery is permanently installed under the seat, covering up to 70 km or reaching up to 100 km when throttled down to 45 kph.

Unlike other electric scooters in its class, such as those from Gogoro, for example, Elettrica’s battery is too big to remove for charging. The Elettrica is charged using a built-in charger and coiled charging cable that recharge the scooter in four hours.

Optically, the faster version differs from the previous version by the red front shock absorbers, the decorations or the Elettrica nameplate. However, it is still unclear when and at what price the 70 kph version of the Vespa Elettrica will be available.

Piaggio started selling the Vespa Elettrica in Europe just over a year ago. At the beginning of this year, the electric -scooter was also ordered in the USA and Asia. With a proud price of 6,390 euros, however, it is one of the most expensive e-scooters on the market.,


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  1. Jim Engert

    Wow over $7,000.00 that’s a lot

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