Tevva to deploy electric trucks across Europe


The commercial electric vehicle company Tevva has launched an initiative called Electrify to enable logistics fleets to commence electrification of medium-duty HGVs across Europe from Spring next year. Electrify allows companies to deploy Tevva’s package of EV technologies in a neat starter package.

The package includes everything to launch and operate electric trucks at a place of business, including “bespoke battery packs and management system, advanced cloud-based software that uses geofencing to autonomously control a range extender”. The next steps planned include deploying 50 vehicles across over 200 fleets in at least five countries over two years. In the UK, seven companies based between London and Oxford are spearheading the initiative. These early adopters will be taking delivery of a collective total of eight eTrucks with Tevva’s ready-made EV solutions installed.

Tevva has been around for a few years, and the world finally seems to be catching up to the technical possibilities offered by the UK manufacturer, as David Thackray, sales and marketing director states: “When Tevva was founded in 2013, the question that businesses were asking was whether or not electric trucks could displace diesel in the commercial vehicle sector. The question today is ‘when’ they will displace diesel.”

Available as of Q3 or Q4 next year, the electric truck kits will also enable customers to use them in a trial mode, making the switch to electric mobility easier. A 12 tonne GVW electric truck can fully incorporate all the available Tevva technologies and will come with all the training for technicians and drivers to fully operate an electric truck in regards to safety and energy optimisation.

Thackery explains, “The big players in the transport industry already see the benefits, opportunities and potential of technology like ours but too many businesses in the UK and across Europe still have a relatively low level of awareness. Electrify will enable a better understanding and increased adoption to accelerate significantly by proving beyond any possible doubt in real-world environments that logistics electrification technology is ready to displace diesel now.” Electric trucks generally have the benefit of lower running costs as well as easier access in inner-city areas due to the quiet motors.

Earlier this year, the logistics giant UPS brought out 15 electric vans with range extenders onto British roads. In the EVs developed in cooperation with Tevva Motors, a small diesel engine is used to charge the batteries. British Tevva Motors has been offering its range-extended system for over two years now and claims it can convert any truck up to 7.5 ton into an electric vehicle.

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