Allego is building HPC chargers in Scandinavia


Allego is expanding into Scandinavia, where the company focuses on the installation of high-power charging stations with up to 350 kW charging capacity. Allego’s headquarters in Scandinavia will be in Stockholm. A total of 55 locations are to be set up in Finland, Norway and Sweden.

So far, Allego is active in the Benelux countries, Germany, France and the UK. For the new HPC chargers in Finland, Norway and Sweden, the company says it is still looking for partner locations on motorways, in cities and with retailers.

“With our new business approach in Scandinavia, we are anticipating the needs of Scandinavian electric car drivers,” says Tobias Henmark, Allego’s Managing Director for Scandinavia. “In the dynamic environment of the Swedish mobility sector, Allego is the ideal company to contribute its knowledge in building a charging infrastructure”.

The MEGA-E project, in the context of which the charging stations will be built, is an Allego initiative. The high-performance charging network includes the installation of 322 locations sites in twenty European countries. In addition, 39 multimodal charging sites will be set up in at least ten European metropolitan regions – these sites will also be home to Tesla superchargers and mobility offers such as e-bike rental stations. The project will be supported by EU funding to the tune of 29 million euros.


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