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Rampini & CaetanoBus combine electric bus lineup


The electric bus manufacturers Rampini and CaetanoBus have agreed to include each other’s models in their own respective ranges. This saves them having to develop their own models and allows them to present a wider range of models in their respective markets.

Rampini will integrate CaetanoBus’ e.City Gold with 10.7 and 12 metres in length as E100 and E120 into its range for the Italian market. CaetanoBus will sell the E60 and E80 from Rampini on the Portuguese market as e.City Gold 6 and e.City Gold 8. Rampini will thus receive two larger vehicles, while CaetanoBus will expand its range downwards. Both manufacturers are thus able to offer electric buses between six and 12 metres in length in their markets.

This agreement is “significant step forward in the Companies’ commercial repositioning strategy”, as both companies have emphasised in a joint statement. “With this partnership, CaetanoBus strengthens and expands its portfolio of electric mobility products, thus taking another step to create a shift towards cleaner and more sustainable transport solutions,” said CaetanoBus CEO Jorge V. Pinto. “We are confident that this will also increase the competitiveness of electric vehicles in the European market, accelerating the change to zero-emissions mobility.”

Fabio Magnoni, General Manager at Rampini, has a similar view: “The new zero-emissions buses E100 and E120 allow Rampini to provide an increasingly wide range of innovative and sustainable solutions in response to the growing environmental awareness that meets the goals of the decarbonisation, decentralisation and digitalisation enshrined in the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. Electric mobility plays a crucial role in the transport landscape of the new Millenium.”,


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