Nov 14, 2019 - 05:03 pm

ISO 15118: Cross-certification by Hubject & Penta Security


Hubject and Penta Security of Korea want to enable standardised and secure communication between electric vehicles and charging stations. Both being Vehicle to Grid Root Certificate Authorities (V2G Root CAs), the companies will now cross-certify each other.

The cross-certification is to facilitate the global introduction of ISO 15118-based Plug&Charge solutions and enable interested parties to freely choose between the V2G Root CA from Hubject and Penta Security. This means that both partners can process not only the validated authentication data of their Root CA but also that of the other partner. This way, the partners say, they can provide a “joint approach to support companies active in relevant EV Markets like Korea, Europe, and North America”.

The ISO 15118 standard’s security relies on the automated comparison of stored digital certificates. The latter originate from said central authority, the Vehicle to Grid Root Certification Authority or V2G Root CA.

For companies adopting the ISO 15118 standard, especially the Plug&Charge use case, this cross-certification ensures that “whatever service provider they are choosing to work with, will be supported by the other Root CA operator so that there is no lock-in effect,” Christian Hahn, CEO of Hubject, points out.

Plug&Charge is to simplify and secure communication between electric vehicles and charging stations. Hubject could recently be seen to agree on a number of strategic cooperations to validate the technology further. These include deals with IoTecha, Greenlots, or Volkswagen’s Electrify America, among others. In the case of the latter, Hubject says the introduction of Plug&Charge at more than 2,000 public charging stations in America is imminent.

Over in Europe, EV charging platform provider Virta, charge point provider Efacec, the Departmental Energy association of Yonne (SDEY) and Hubject are preparing a plug and charge small scale pilot project set to start in 2020 in France as reported.


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