Slovakia subsidises plug-in electric vehicles


The Slovak Ministry of Economy is starting a new round of subsidies for electrified vehicles in order to encourage individuals, businesses and government agencies to purchase electric vehicles. A total of 5 million euros has been earmarked for the programme.

The purchase of purely electric vehicles will be subsidised with up to 8,000 euros and the purchase of plug-in hybrids with up to 5,000 euros, in each case up to a gross list price of 50,000 euros. The grants can be applied for from 17 December onwards and are open to private individuals, companies and public administrations.

Subsidies are limited to BEV and PHEV. Specifically, categories of electric vehicles include motor vehicles with at least four wheels, designed and constructed primarily for the carriage of passengers and their luggage, with a maximum of eight seats in addition to the driver’s seat – presumably electric cars. The second category of vehicles is for motor vehicles with at least four wheels, designed and constructed principally for the carriage of goods and having a maximum authorized mass not exceeding 3,500 kg, which would suggest that light electric vans are targeted here. In both cases, BEVs will be subsidized with 5000 euros and PHEVs with 3000 euros.

“With this call, the ministry continues its successful pilot project to support the purchase of electric vehicles, which it launched at the end of November 2016 in cooperation with the Automotive Industry Association of the Slovak Republic,” said the Minister of Economy Peter Ziga. At the end of 2017, Slovakia extended its plug-in vehicle privileges and continued grants of up to 5,000 euros for those purchasing a low-emissions car before the end of June 2018. He continued by adding that thanks to this support, sales of electric vehicles have increased dramatically year-on-year. There was no specification why three and two-wheeled vehicles were excluded from subsidies or whether these will be targeted with other specific measures.

It seems that particularly private enterprise is targeted here since not only individuals but also public administration bodies can only receive a subsidy for a single vehicle, whereas the limit for businesses will be the maximum amount of the subsidy from the state.

Those receiving the subsidy will be obliged to keep the vehicle without selling it in the following two years, and leasing options are not open for subsidy.,, (regarding vehicle types in Slovak)


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