63 Yutong electric buses for Mexico City


Mexico City has commissioned 63 battery trolleybuses from the Chinese manufacturer Yutong. 40 of the buses have already been delivered, the remaining 23 are scheduled to follow in December.

These are trolleybuses that also have a battery to cover up to 100 kilometres on overhead lines. In the communication Yutong also speaks of a “double drive” – but the vehicles no longer have a combustion engine, rather it is a double drive consisting of battery-electric and overhead line components.

Claudia Sheimbaum, Mayor of Mexico City, attaches great importance to the trolleybuses for the improvement of public transport and the environment. To improve urban accessibility, we must improve public transportation,” said Sheimbaum. “Therefore, we will increase the number of electric vehicles in the city,” she concluded.

In their press release, Yutong describes Mexico as being one of the most important foreign markets for the company. For this reason, the vehicles have been specially adapted to local operating conditions following a detailed study, but no concrete measures are mentioned. A team of technicians will set up the service on-site and there will also be numerous training sessions on maintenance, accessories and driving behaviour of the trolleybuses.



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