Volkswagen announces ID.3 Pro Power


Volkswagen will offer four drive options for the ID.3 instead of three as previously expected. A mail to Scandinavian pre-orderers that was made available to electrive, also mentioned new prices for the first MEB vehicle.

So far, VW has only ever announced that the limited and sold out 1ST edition is to cost approximately 40,000 euro and the later basis model is to be offered for less than 30,000 euro. The prices that Volkswagen has now quoted in an email to a Danish pre-orderer are not directly comparable with the rest of Europe due to the high registration taxes in Denmark.

The ID.3 Pure with a 45 kWh battery will cost at least 279,995 Danish Krone, currently 37,469 euros, well above the announced 30,000 euros. The ID.3 Pro with a medium 58 kWh battery should cost at least 309,995 Danish Krone, which corresponds to 41,502 euros. The prices for the ID.3 Pro S with a 77 kWh battery are to be announced in January.

In the leaked mail, more interesting than the incomparable prices is the fact that VW also announces an ID.3 Pro Power (for 319,995 Danish crowns, thus 42,841 euros). The ID.3 Pro and ID.3 Pro Power should not differ in equipment, but in performance. The ID.3 Pro, therefore, has an output of 110 kW, while the ID.3 Pro Power, which is 1,339 euros more expensive, has 150 kW. So far it was only mentioned that the ID.3 1ST should have 150 kW power.

The ID.3 Pro S will probably have an output of 150 kW ex works, the entry-level model Pure has to be content with 110 kW – the mail does not mention a “power” version for the update to 150 kW. Already with charging, Pure prospective customers must accept compromises: The two-phase AC charger only achieves 7.2 kW (the other versions have a three-phase 11 kW charger), the Pure only achieves 50 kW on DC ex works, optionally 100 kW are possible. Surcharges were not mentioned in the mail to the Danish pre-orderer.

But the (also hardly comparable) prices for the three 1ST editions. The ID.3 1ST should be available from 335,000 Danish Kroner (44,600 euros), the ID.3 1ST Plus from 370,000 Danish Kroner (49,300 euros) and the ID.3 1ST Max should cost at least 405,000 Danish Kroner (54,000 euros).

According to a recent report, however, it seems unclear whether the planned mass delivery start of the ID.3 – which has been under construction since November – can take place in the summer as planned. As local media reports with reference to company circles, VW is struggling with “massive software problems” with the ID.3. The electric model will be built for months with incomplete software architecture and parked on large parking lots. In total, more than 20,000 ID.3 would have to be reworked. According to the report, over-the-air updates will only be possible with the new software, which still has to be installed manually by employees.

Technical Data:ID.3 PureID.3 ProID.3 Pro S
Performance110 kW110 kW / 150 kW as Pro Power150 kW
max. Torque310 Nm
Top speed160 km/h
Combined range (WLTP)Up to 330 kmUp to 420 kmUp to 550 km
Battery capacity48 kWh gross, 45 kWh net62 kWh gross, 58 kWh net82 kWh gross, 77 kWh net
Charging capacity DC50 kW (CCS), 100 kW optional100 kW (CCS)125 kW (CCS)
Charging capacity AC7,2 kW (Typ 2, 2 phase)11 kW (Typ 2, 3 phase)11 kW (Typ 2, 3 phase)

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