Tesla cracks 100,000 vehicle mark in Q4

Tesla delivered 112,000 electric cars in the 4th quarter of 2019, of which 92,550 were Model 3 and 19,450 were Model S and Model X. The Californians have thus reached the targeted 100,000 deliveries for the first time, and production has now also reached six figures.

Calculated for the whole of 2019, Tesla states “approximately” 367,500 deliveries, which corresponds to an increase of 50 per cent compared to 2018 – the final figures can vary by up to 0.5 per cent, according to the company. With this mark, Tesla has also achieved the target corridor it set itself, with between 360,000 and 400,000 deliveries targeted for the year as a whole – which, conversely, means another record year for the Californian company.

Tesla had actually intended to break through the 100,000 vehicle mark as early as the third quarter, but with 97,000 deliveries it had remained just below this target. The fact that this mark has now been passed so clearly is mainly due to Model 3 – with an increase from 79,600 units in Q3 to now 92,550 units, the smallest Tesla model accounts for the largest volume. But the Model S/X, which is issued as a duo, also increased from 17,400 deliveries to 19,450 units.

Deliveries were offset by a total of 104,891 vehicles produced – 86,958 Model 3 and 17,933 Model S/X. The figures for Model 3 already include the first units from the Gigafactory 3 near Shanghai. “Although we broke ground on the Gigafactory Shanghai less than 12 months ago, we have already produced nearly 1,000 saleable customer cars and started delivery,” Tesla now writes in his letter to investors. “We are continuing to focus on expanding production both in the USA and at our newly opened plant in Shanghai.”

At the turn of the year, the federal subsidy for Tesla vehicles in the USA expired completely, as the manufacturer had reached the planned upper limit of 200,000 electric vehicles. When it was introduced, the tax bonus was 7,500 dollars; recently it had dropped to 1,875 dollars. So it will be interesting to see how sales in the US and globally at Tesla will develop in 2020. The carmaker will be publishing its fourth quarter results shortly.



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