Amazon orders electric delivery vehicles in Munich

Amazon has enlarged its delivery fleet of the Munich-Daglfing distribution centre with several electric delivery vans. Amazon has ordered 40 Work Box and 60 charging stations from StreetScooter, plus ten eVito from Mercedes-Benz.

The electric vehicles from both manufacturers are already in use, and StreetScooter has also already installed the relevant charging stations in Munich. For such an important and prestigious customer as Amazon, StreetScooter has obviously pulled out all the stops: “Within the shortest possible time”, vehicles and charging stations have been delivered, the Deutsche Post subsidiary stated in a press release.

For its part, according to its press release, Amazon has self-imposed a commitment to achieving the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement as early as 2040 instead of 2050. “In doing so, we rely on cooperation with various partners who develop new technologies and promote a CO2-neutral economy,” says Adam Elman, Senior Lead Sustainability at Amazon in Europe.

According to StreetScooter CEO Jörg Sommer, the use of the Work Box electric vehicle for Amazon should not only pay off in terms of environmental protection, but soon also financially: the total operating costs are more advantageous in comparison to combustion engine vehicles, Sommer says.

StreetScooter presented the second generation of the Work model in October last year. The new generation of vehicles hardly differs optically from its predecessor, but has been upgraded technically in a number of decisive points. Among other things, the box body has been redesigned, increasing the payload to over one tonne. Prices for the new StreetScooter Work start at 38,450 euros net – but only for the chassis with cab. With the box body “Box” (which Amazon has chosen) the basic price goes up slightly to 42,750 euros net.

The US retail giant has also ordered ten battery-powered eVito vans from Mercedes-Benz Vans. The delivery vans in their long version are painted uniformly in dark grey – in contrast to the white StreetScooters. The eVito are also to be recharged at the Amazon depot – they can also only be recharged only with AC and not with DC fast chargers. With its 41 kWh battery, the eVito is expected to achieve a range of between 150 and 184 kilometres. In “winter cold” Daimler promises another 100 kilometres or so.

“Inner-city delivery traffic in the courier, express and parcel sector is an ideal application for electric drives,” says Stefan Sonntag, Head of Sales New Vehicles Mercedes-Benz Vans Sales Germany. Daimler also announced that the delivery of additional vehicles is planned “to further expand Amazon’s electric fleet” but has not revealed an exact number in the press release.

Our tip: With 60 charging points installed and 50 vehicles ordered, there would still be ten wallboxes available.,


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