Amazon to use 10k EVs in India by 2025

Amazon has announced its intention to use a total of 10,000 electric vehicles in India by 2025. These are to be both electric rickshaws and four-wheeled electric vehicles from Indian production.

Amazon has already launched major projects in several Indian cities. Only a few days ago, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos visited the country and got behind the wheel of an e-rickshaw for a PR film, which he has since published himself on Twitter. Now the company has announced that it will reduce its CO2 footprint in the country as part of the signed climate protection pledge – with significantly more e-vehicles in its delivery fleet.

The three- and four-wheeled vans will be developed and manufactured in India. This should also create jobs in the automotive industry. Before the end of this year, the vehicles will be on the road in 20 cities, including Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Pune and Nagpur. “At Amazon India, we are committed to building a supply chain that minimizes the environmental impact of our operations,” said Akhil Saxena, Amazon’s Vice President of Customer Fulfillment (Asia-Pacific and Emerging Markets). However, it should also be noted that Walmart’s competitor Flipkart announced in summer 2019 that it would convert 40 per cent of its supply fleet to electric drives by 2020.

India is the world’s largest market for e-vehicles, a figure that exceeds China through the number of electric rickshaws that are used in India. Of the three-wheeled vehicles alone, 1.5 million are already on the road with a battery-electric drive. In its recent announcement, Amazon explained that the government’s subsidy policy and the establishment of a charging infrastructure under the FAME-2 programme had favoured the decision on the e-rickshaws.In India, as mentioned above, it is expected that there will be 10,000 of the e-rickshaws in use by 2025. Worldwide, the US giant aims to reach this number as early as 2022, and by 2030 it is expected to have 100,000 vehicles. Last week, Amazon put an electric fleet into operation in Germany. For the distribution centre in Munich-Daglfing, the company ordered e-delivery vans from StreetScooter and Mercedes.,,,


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