Will Tesla’s Model Y hit the streets sooner?

It is looking like an imminent start of delivery of the Tesla Model Y – among other indications, a Tesla employee is said to have claimed it will be ready in two weeks, and Tesla has already registered Model Y’s vehicle identification numbers (VINs).

If it is something to gage by, deliveries of the Model 3 started about one month after the VINs were registered. While the vehicle identification numbers are a verifiable fact, the Tesla employee’s statement that the market launch will take place in two weeks is hearsay via Twitter, for whatever that is worth.

Although the information should, therefore, be treated with caution, it does also fit the overall picture. Tesla has scheduled the report on 2019 stats and announcements with the usual live online conference for 29 January. It is highly likely that this will be accompanied by a statement regarding deliveries of model Y.

Other indicators also speak for an immediate start of Model Y deliveries. For example, Tesla received certification for the compact SUV from the California Air Resources Board (CARB) a week ago. CARB has analysed the Tesla Model Y Performance AWD that is expected to be the first version of the electric car to be launched on the market. In the authority’s UDDS standard, the Model Y is capable of 442 miles (about 711 km) on one charge, though real-life use parameters often differ. This is roughly the same range as was previously certified for the Model 3.

When the Model Y was presented in March 2019, there was still talk of a market launch in autumn 2020. Most recently, when the third-quarter figures were published, the company announced that this date would be brought forward to the summer of this year. According to the new indications, things look like they are moving even faster.

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