NewMotion & Fortum join forces for roaming in Scandinavia


NewMotion has signed a roaming partnership with Fortum Charge & Drive. According to NewMotion, this brings its roaming network to over 135,000 charging points in Europe.

According to the announcement, NewMotion is the first external mobility service provider to gain access to Fortum’s charging network in Finland, Norway and Sweden. The exact number of charging points is not disclosed. Fortum mentions on its website a “network of 1,400 intelligent charging stations” in the three countries.

The majority of charging points are located around larger cities such as Helsinki, Stockholm, Trondheim, Bergen and especially Oslo. In the north of the respective countries, the density of Fortum charging points is declining sharply. The conditions under which NewMotion will charge at the Fortum charging points are not stated in the notification.

For the Dutch provider, the focus has long been on integrating the largest possible number of charging stations into its own service. “If you make charging of electric vehicles more accessible by adding new charging stations, the majority will find it easier to switch to electric driving,” says Sytse Zuidema, CEO of NewMotion. “We are pleased about this partnership with Fortum, as more charging stations will be available to our customers in the Nordic countries for their electric vehicles”.

Roaming agreements are considered to be an “essential element” in achieving faster acceptance of electric vehicles. In total, NewMotion works with more than 200 partner networks. Partly because of the large number of partners, NewMotion has decided not to rely on uniform prices. The prices for the end customer therefore differ depending on the charging point.

This recently brought the provider a warning from a consumer advice centre in Germany: The latter does not consider it permissible for NewMotion to oblige the customer in the general terms and conditions to inform himself about the price of the charging process at a charging point. However, on the website or in the app to which NewMotion refers, it is stated that NewMotion cannot guarantee the prices displayed there. According to the consumer protectors, however, companies are obliged to “actively inform about final prices before the contract is concluded”.,


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