Torqeedo shows new electric drives and boats in Miami

Torqeedo presents its product range at the Miami International Boat Show, as the company debuts its two new drives in the US. Also on show at the main docks are two new electric sports boats and a solar-electric motor yacht powered by Torqeedo’s Deep Blue Hybrid system.

Torqeedo’s new electric drives now on display in Miami include a new ultralight motor for kayak anglers and the outboard Cruise 10.0 T with tiller steering. The company has also announced the launch of new fast chargers and a solar charge controller for the lithium batteries of the Power 48-5000 series for 2020. Besides, Torqueedo says it will significantly improve the ‘Deep Blue’ system with even quieter outboards and the “seamless integration of joysticks, third-party throttle levers and wireless controls” this year.

A taste of these developments can be seen in the new Phoenix 290 by Canadian Electric Boat Company on show in Miami. The speedboat features two Deep Blue 50 R outboards with a quieter design and two 40 kWh Deep Blue lithium batteries.


Next to it, is Zin Boats Z2R runabout’s boat, shaped from 100% carbon fibre and custom-tuned prop powered by a Deep Blue 50i system. The 20′ Z2R reaches a top speed of 35 mph and has a range of 100 miles at cruising speed, says Torqeedo.

For the solar-electric catamaran, Torqeedo specifies the Deep Blue Hybrid system to harvest solar energy and store it in the yacht’s 80 kWh lithium battery bank to then power the twin 50 kW inboard drives plus house loads like the galley, lighting and watermaker.

On a global scale, the German company says it has now delivered the 100,000th electric drive for the worldwide marine industry in 2020 as expected.


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