First Model Y to be delivered on Friday


The first Tesla Model Y will be delivered on this coming Friday 13 March. Only deliveries to customers on the US West Coast have been announced so far. The company has obviously sped things up, since until now, 15 March was said to be the earliest possible date for delivery.

Online news sites claim to have heard from multiple customers that their delivery dates are scheduled for Friday. Tesla has also sent customers an SMS to confirm their delivery date for Friday 13 March via their Tesla account. The portal also published authentic-looking screenshots of the date confirmations, which are scheduled for Friday in Washington State and Saturday in Oregon.

This would mean that Tesla would deliver the first vehicles even before the self-set time frame, until now the company has named Sunday, 15 March as being the earliest possible delivery date. However, the pictures of loaded trucks with brand new Model Y have been appearing over the past days. It was therefore clear that the vehicles would be distributed in time for the start of delivery. And if the vehicles are already there, they will now apparently be handed over to the customers a few days earlier. This is all significantly earlier than the original delivery date of autumn 2020 mentioned when the Model Y was presented.

With the delivery dates in Washington and Oregon set, Tesla would deviate from the previous procedures. At earlier model premieres, customers in Tesla’s home state of California were served first – not a great surprise because of the simpler logistics. With the Model Y, the electric car manufacturer seems to have extended its distribution plan to several states along the West Coast.

Meanwhile, Tesla has risen to become the highest-rated US industrial company. Tesla’s market value on Wednesday was 114 billion US dollars, higher than Boeing’s (110 billion dollars). Just a year ago, Boeing was worth around 200 billion dollars more than Tesla. While the shares of the electric car manufacturer have risen sharply since then, the price of Boeing shares has fallen sharply in the wake of the 737 MAX scandal and reports of further problems.,, (stock)


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