Tesla revs up preparations for Model Y deliveries


Tesla’s much-anticipated plans to hand over the first copies of the Model Y to customers on March 15 are apparently running on schedule. Fans have shared photos of Model Ys ready for transport and a peek at the EV’s interior. Tesla is also on schedule in China and Brandenburg as we keep you updated on progress.

The pictures published on Twitter show numerous examples of the e-SUV lined up in the parking lot in front of the plant – apparently ready to be put on semis and trucked out. There are also several pictures of loaded semis on the roads. UAV images published on YouTube show more Model Ys ready for delivery. In the mails that were sent pre-orderers a few weeks ago, March 15 was the earliest possible option for delivery. It seems that everything is running according to schedule, if not even a little early. At this rate, some customers might even get their Model Ys even before 15 March.

More pictures of the interior of the Model Y have also appeared. Not surprisingly, the basic arrangement corresponds to those of the Model 3, but with a few adjustments. For example, the middle seat in the back seat seems to be a bit wider, and there are two USB-C ports for the rear passengers. Pictures of the trunk also recently appeared online, while Tesla hasn’t published any official pictures showing the electric car’s boot space.

In China Tesla has apparently already started construction work for the next stage of the plant’s expansion. Photographs dated 27.02.2020 show several excavators and trucks carrying out groundwork right next to Gigafactory 3, but it is not clear whether a production line will also be built in the new building south of the existing assembly hall or whether the new building is intended for other tasks. While the Californian company has not made any statements on the factory’s progress lately, in January, Elon Musk did announce that he wanted to build the Model Y in Gigafactory 3 in the future.

There is also a little news from Grünheide in Germany: The purchase price for the area of the planned Gigafactory 4 is finally set. Government spokesman Florian Engels announced that the result of the second expert opinion has determined a sum of 43.4 million euros. The first report had determined a price of 40.91 million euros. The state of Brandenburg and Tesla have both already agreed to accept the value from the second appraisal as the purchase price. (Fremont), (interior), (exterior), (Shanghai), (Gruenheide, in German)


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