France: Renault to lend Zoe electric cars to caregivers


Renault is pondering to make 300 rental Zoe available free of charge for medical personnel in France in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic. The electric cars could be taken from the standing fleet of the Zity car-sharing service.

The new Renault Zoe Zity carsharing was originally scheduled to start in Paris this month with 500 electric cars. However, with France essentially being in lockdown, this launch has been postponed.

Now Jean-Dominique Senard, the boss of the Group that includes Nissan and Mitsubishi, told RTL that he was thinking about making the 300 Renault EV available to medical staff, to assist them in their journeys. Renault has also already made 200 e-cars available to the Red Cross in Switzerland.

Besides loaning electric cars, Renault also donated 120,000 medical masks to hospital staff in France, while the manufacturer was forced to close its factories due to the pandemic. Other carmakers have been obliged to do the same (all closures here) and have also begun looking into supporting medical facilities with equipment as reported.

MSN reporting on Renault’s efforts also mentioned rumours of renationalisation which Senard was quick to disperse, saying the Group was perfectly capable of getting through the crisis. The Board of Directors is meeting today.



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