Shimano launches three new e-bike batteries


Shimano is launching three new batteries for its Steps electric bike drive system, including internal and external versions with what Shimano claims is unprecedented battery capacity. Also, there are new twelvefold chainrings and a new system display.

The battery model BT-E8036 with 630 Wh will now be Shimano’s largest integrated pedelec battery offering greater range and weighing 3.7 kilos. The second new battery, which is also an internal battery, is the BT-E8035-L and has the same dimensions, but a reduced capacity of 504 Wh. It has a correspondingly shorter charging time of four hours (whereby the 80 per cent charge takes 2.5 hours) and weighs 3.5 kg. In addition to this duo, the Japanese company is introducing the external BT-E8016 to their range. This will be the largest external e-bike battery to date that comes with a new mounting bracket and a capacity of 630 Wh, but a weight lower than the other two at 3.15 kg.

With this trio, Shimano is now expanding the selection of battery models for its Steps drive family to ten – “optionally luggage rack, down tube or integrated types with 418, 504 or 630 Wh capacity,” the manufacturer specifies. A long service life characterises all of the new batteries: “Even after 1,000 full charge cycles, which would be reached after 19 years at the earliest with an average of one full charge per week, the batteries still retain 60 per cent of their initial capacity”.

Meanwhile, these are not the only innovations for the Steps line-up: Shimano is also launching new twelve-speed chainrings for the specific e-bike cranksets. These are intended for use with 157 mm installation width (O.L.D.) of the rear wheel hub and are available with either 34 or 36 teeth. Shimano also offers a new display that combines system display and control buttons for the e-bike system in one device. All components are expected to be available in stores starting this summer.


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