Jun 3, 2020 - 04:55 pm

Mercedes taking orders for E-Class PHEVs

Mercedes-Benz has started selling the model update of the E-Class as a sedan and as a station wagon. The new lineup also includes plug-in hybrid variants, of which there will be seven in the new E-Class.

Although seven versions of the plug-in hybrid were still being talked about when the facelift was announced in March, only five hybrids can be ordered now at the start of the ordering process. These are essentially plug-in drives with an electric motor rated at 90 kW.

For the various models, Mercedes combines the e-drive with various combustion engines and body shapes. The E 300 de, for example, is available with a two-litre diesel engine (143 kW) as a sedan and station wagon, each with rear-wheel or all-wheel drive. All versions of the diesel plug-in come with a system output of 225 kW and, depending on the release, an electric range of 45 to 53 WLTP kilometres. The petrol PHEV E 300 e 4MATIC (two-litre four-cylinder with 155 kW) will initially be available only as a saloon and as the name suggests, only as a four-wheel-drive model.

According to Daimler, prices for the petrol PHEV E 300 e 4MATIC start at 59,059.70 euros. The least expensive version is the diesel PHEV with rear-wheel drive as a sedan (E 300 de) with a base price of 57,453.20 euros. The E 300 de 4MATIC four-wheel-drive model costs at least 60,190.20 euros, while the diesel PHEV station wagons called T-models are 2,790.55 euros more expensive.

The two remaining PHEV versions are planned for sales release in the second half of the year: As a Mercedes spokesperson confirmed to electrive, the two petrol PHEV E 300e will then follow as a sedan and estate model. Prices for these have not yet been released.

The facelift will also include some design changes (e.g. front headlights, rear lights, radiator grille and bumpers), but also new assistance systems like a congestion assistant, steering assistant and the Distronic cruise control with distance-based speed adjustment. Besides, a new steering wheel will now be able to capacitively detect whether the driver has their hands on the steering wheel or not. Mercedes-Benz will also introduce the MBUX infotainment system in the interior of the E-Class.

With reporting by Sebastian Schaal, Germany



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  1. Pedro

    Combining an electric engine with a diesel engine is the best combo for hybrid engines. Diesels are great for long range drives while electric engines are good for city driving.

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