New members for the EV100 initiative


Another five major British companies joined The Climate Group’s global electric vehicles initiative EV100. The new members include OVO, Rentokil Initial, Tusker, Tarmac and Drover, who have committed to electrifying their fleets by 2030.

The initiative was founded by a group of corporate entities in 2017, with the aim to support each other and pledge to cleaner transportation methods. By now the Climate Group’s EV100 initiative has grown to include members from different nations from New Zealand to Japan. The 50 member milestone was passed last year. Now they number 75 and are constantly expanding their cooperation.

Paul Gilshan, CEO of Tusker, said: “We have been carbon neutral now for 10 years, offsetting our emissions through a number of internationally accredited programmes. Joining EV100 was a natural step in pledging our future commitments to the adoptions of EVs and so we’re proud to continue with this. The Government have pledged to support people in driving EVs and with 0% benefit in kind, salary sacrifice car benefit schemes are now the cheapest way to drive electric.”

As the UK prepares for hosting the COP26, corporate climate measures have become popular. This week The Climate Group also announced a new partnership with BT Group, the UK Electric Fleets Alliance, to promote a faster switch to electric vehicles as reported in our newsletter. The extra Alliance lobbies the British Government to adopt a 2030 end date to the purchasing of new petrol and diesel cars, a policy that is currently under review as reported.

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