VW ID.3 deliveries to begin in September


The order launch for the ID.3 on 17 June was already known, however, the delivery launch had still not been announced – not only because of the software problems. According to Volkswagen, the final schedule has now been fixed.

Relatively exactly one year after its premiere at the IAA 2019, the first copies of the ID.3 are to be delivered to pre-orderers. Initially, only 1st edition vehicles will be available. These customers had already paid a reservation fee of 1,000 euros when placing their pre-order, and if they order after 17 June, this amount will be offset or refunded in the event of cancellation.

The “general ordering systems for ID.3 models” are to be opened four weeks later – probably in mid-July. Volkswagen did not yet state the exact prices. In the notification, the Wolfsburg-based company only repeats earlier statements for the limited special model, according to which the ID.3 1st is to cost less than 40,000 Euros. In the ID.3 1st Plus version, it is supposed to cost less than 46,000 euros, the ID.3 1st Max will cost less than 50,000 euros.

In addition to the equipment variant, customers will also have to choose the delivery variant – and also the range of functions of their car. The early bookers, who want to take over their ID.3 already at the beginning of September, are also to become members of the “exclusive ID.3 1st Mover Club”. This club includes “various customer benefits”, VW said in the announcement. However, the suspicion is obvious that this is a pure marketing construct: Because one of the customer benefits mentioned in the communication is “a software update for two outstanding digital functions at the beginning of next year”. The crux of the matter: If the pre-orderer waives delivery at the beginning of September, he will receive his ID.3 in the fourth quarter of 2020. With all functions, mind you. The two features that will still be missing in September are the smartphone connection ‘App Connect’ and the remote head-up display, which is only included in ID.3 1st Max anyway.

Jürgen Stackmann, VW’s director of sales added: “As a token of thanks for their loyalty to the brand and a gesture of appreciation for their patience during the long wait until ordering kicked off, we are offering all pre-bookers wishing to take possession of their ID.3 1st in September membership of the ID.3 1st Mover Club”. The club is also intended to form a community for exchanging experiences. In this way, VW wants to be able to respond directly to customer enquiries, but also use their suggestions for further development.

Nevertheless, the new brand CEO Ralf Brandstätter is pleased that the “large-scale electric offensive” is now becoming visible on the road. “This car underscores our mission to provide locally emission-free mobility fit for everyday use and affordable for all,” says Brandstätter.

Although production of the ID.3 has been underway since November, by far not all of the pre-ordered vehicles have been produced. VW has planned 30,000 1st Edition vehicles, of which, according to e-mobility board member Thomas Ulbrich, around 10,000 have already been produced. Due to the corona pandemic, production in Zwickau has been temporarily halted but is now running under more stringent measures. “The last few months working under the difficult conditions of the pandemic have been a big challenge for the entire ID.3 team,” says Ulbrich.


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