Coop Denmark looking into Scania electric trucks

The Danish grocery chain Coop Denmark has purchased an electric truck with a refrigerated body from Scania. If the test with the vehicle is successful in the Copenhagen area, the company plans to purchase another five to seven electric trucks next year.

Coop is the largest retail chain in Denmark. The electric truck, which has recently entered service with the company, covers a distance of 140 kilometres and holds a total of 18 pallets in its cooling system. The model’s task will be to deliver goods to shops in the Copenhagen area. According to a statement from Coop Denmark, the Scania truck can be recharged in about an hour with a quick charge.

If the new electric truck meets expectations, five to seven more units are to follow in 2021. “The green transition in the transport sector is going too slowly,” says Coop manager Nicolaj Boysen. “We have, therefore, chosen to take the lead ourselves to boost development and show that it is feasible”. In concrete terms, the retail chain has committed itself to reducing its CO2 emissions by 75 per cent by 2025 and even to achieving a climate-positive status by 2030, i.e. to relieve the environment instead of burdening it. To this end, the Group is equipping the roofs of its stores and warehouses with solar panels, among other things.

Scania plans to start series production of its new battery-powered truck later this year. The Swedish company already has electrified commercial vehicles in their portfolio: Production of battery-powered buses and hybrid trucks and buses has already started. What was missing until now were battery electric trucks. Now is a good time, says Scania headquarters: “Scania continues to invest in and develop electrified solutions and we are beginning to reach the tipping point where electrified solutions for heavy commercial transport is a sound stand-alone investment for our customers,” says Anton Freiesleben, Sales Director at Scania in Denmark.

Norway’s largest food wholesaler, ASKO, has also recently committed itself to ordering up to 75 battery-electric trucks from Scania over the next three years., (in Danish)


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