ID.3 goes into open sales on July 20


Around one month after the start of ordering the limited VW ID.3 1st Edition for early bookers, Volkswagen will launch the ordering systems for the public on 20 July 20. However, the order of the ID.3 will still not be entirely without restrictions then.

Customers in “many European countries” will be able to choose from seven pre-configured ID.3 models at their dealer, the Group writes in a press release. The carmaker does not go into details, which countries this includes but Germany is set, of course. According to VW, all of the seven versions qualify for the maximum environmental bonus of 9,480 euros (of which 3,480 euros are manufacturer’s share) in Germany, as the netlist price is less than 40,000 euros. They add that “Subsidies will also be available for the ID.3 in many other European countries.”

With the pre-configured models, VW is taking a different approach than usual. If customers cannot configure each option individually, the number of variants decreases, which makes production easier. Deliveries of the pre-configured vehicles are scheduled to start in October, just one month after the ID3 1st Edition for pre-orderers. However, even these vehicles will not yet have all the functions, which will be provided in the first quarter of 2021 through a software update. If the ordered vehicle is delivered only in 2021, it should have all functions from the beginning, according to VW.

What is new is that VW is launching the first version with the larger 77 kWh battery. The ID.3 Tour model is based on the ID.3 Pro S and has a range of up to 550 kilometres according to WLTP and a DC charging capacity of 125 kW. The ‘Tour’ is a well-equipped long-distance model with head-up display, matrix LED headlights, the “big” comfort package and the “big” assistance package. The model tops the list with 48,432.44 euros before subsidies. Later, the ID.3 Pro S will be available at prices on €40,936.31, but this version cannot be ordered yet.

The prices for the other pre-configured models (all with the 58 kWh battery like the ID.3 1st Edition) cost between €35,574.95 and €45,917.48 and listen to the designations Life, Style, Business, Family, Tech and Max. The latter two also offer the head-up display, where a function is added via an update.

All models offer a navigation system, Adaptive Cruise Control and comfort telephony with inductive charging function for the smartphone. The individual lines above complement the basic model with various comfort, design and/or technology packages.

Entry level variant to follow “in a few months”

“A large majority of these customers have already ordered their 1ST from dealers,” says Jürgen Stackmann, Board Member for Sales of the VW brand. “Other customers, who have had to wait for the start of production sales, will now be able to order.”

However, VW is not giving any details as to when the ID.3 can be individually configured and when further versions, such as the ID.3 Pro S without the ‘Tour’ equipment, will be available. There is only one statement about the announced basic model: The ID.3 Pure for less than 30,000 Euro should “also be available for order in a few months”.

Depending on their country, customers will benefit for up to 3 years of the concessionary ID. We Charge tariff at no additional cost with full access to public charging stations in Europe, including the IONITY rapid charging network. VW does not explain why these country-specific regulations exist and what the subsequent use will cost. In the preferential tariff, charging at Ionity fast chargers costs 0.55 €/kWh. In the frequent driver tariff (10 Euro basic fee per month) it is still 0.30 €/kWh.


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