Jeep Renegade & Compass now available as PHEV


After Jeep opened pre-orders for the ‘First Edition’ PHEV versions of the Renegade and Compass vehicles in February, Jeep is now giving full details of the complete model range for the two part-time electric vehicles.

The Renegade 4xe and Compass 4xe can be ordered in Europe starting this 21 July, according to Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Deliveries will then follow in September. Prices for the Renegade 4xe start at £32,600 in the UK, for example.

The Compass 4xe so far appears only in Germany with prices from 41,136.13 euros in the ‘Limited’ version. In the ‘Trailhawk’ or ‘S’ premium trims, the Renegade 4xe will cost at least £36,500, the Compass 4xe will cost 45,425.21 euros (German price).

Both models rely on an 11.4 kWh battery that takes a 7.4 kW AC charger. Charging time should be 100 minutes. The two models can also be charged with 3 kW ex-works, and the charging process should then take 3.5 hours. FCA indicates that the electric range stands at 50 kilometres – but measured in the NEDC mode.

The 44 kW electric motor on the rear axle is also identical. The two Jeep PHEVs are based on a transaxle system: the petrol engine drives only the front wheels via the automatic transmission and with one electric motor, the second electric motor is mounted on the rear axle. This allows the two Jeep 4xe models – similar to the BMW 225xe and the Mini Countryman Cooper S E – to become four-wheel-drive vehicles when both motors are running simultaneously. Despite the electric motor installed under the trunk, the volume of the cargo compartment with 330 litres (Renegade) and 420 litres (Compass, rear seatbacks in upright position) is supposed to “practically” correspond to that of the combustion engines.

However, there are differences in the petrol engine – not between the Compass and Renegade, but between the equipment. In the “Limited” version, the 1.3 litre turbo petrol engine produces 95 kW, in the ‘Trailhawk’ and ‘S’ it is 132 kW. This results in a system output of 139 and 177 kW respectively – in the ‘First Edition’ only the more powerful version was used. In addition to the equipment, customers will be able to choose between 18 (Renegade) and 22 (Compass) paint finishes and six or seven rims.

Although the two plug-in SUVs are not “real” off-road vehicles, Jeep also offers its ‘Selec-Terrain’ system in the two models, which offers up to five different operating modes for the drive and chassis (Auto, SPort, Snow, Sand/Mud and, in the ‘Trailhawk’, Rock). The traction system can also use the all-wheel-drive system. In the ‘4WD lock’ a permanent four-wheel drive is activated up to 15 km/h off-road – at the rear axle as mentioned only via an electric motor. The ‘4WD Low’ mode is intended to simulate a reduction gear with the help of the electric motors.

Like the internal combustion models both PHEVs use the Connectivity-System Uconnect. The services My Assistant, My Car, My Remote and My Navigation are supplemented by My eCharge, which should enable charging at public charging stations for the 4xe models. Depending on the equipment, the system with the 8.4-inch screen is installed as standard or at extra cost.,,,


about „Jeep Renegade & Compass now available as PHEV“
22.07.2020 um 08:15
No offense, but I already see typical Jeep customers how they are charging the PHEV every night.. Jeep is scrambling fast track to avoid emmission penalties.. Its not clear, but seems that 7.4KW is 1phase 32A .. So let's add how is the consumption of 1.3l turbo to charge 1kWh to get idea of real world CO2 .. ;)

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