BorgWarner delivers electric drives in China


BorgWarner has begun supplying its eDM electric drive module for three Chinese electric models. The eDM will power the JMC Ford Territory EV, Aiways U5 and Leading Ideal One.

According to the manufacturer, the main distinguishing feature of the eDM is its modularity. The module should, for example, be possible to install the solution on the front or rear axle. According to BorgWarner, the eDM should be able to be used for both purely electric and hybrid vehicles. Production is already underway at the Chinese plants in Beijing and Wuhan.

Although the three models in which the drive is now being used are all electric SUVs, which is probably due more to customer demand than the drive. While the drive unit will be installed on the front axle in the Aiways U5 and the JMC Ford Territory (and each has an output of 120 kW), according to BorgWarner, the electric SUV Leading Ideal One relies on installation on the rear axle. Here the eDM has an output of 140 kW.

The Leading Ideal One and the electric SUV from the Ford joint venture are exclusively intended for the Chinese market. The eDM will also be coming to Europe in the form of the Aiways U5: The first deliveries in Europe are planned for September.,


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