Aug 4, 2020 - 12:40 pm

Electric bus order for Solaris from Romania

The Romanian city Ploiești has ordered 20 trolleybuses from Solaris. The vehicles are to be delivered in the next two years.

According to the manufacturer, the contract is worth more than 36 million Polish zloty, or 8.2 million euros. When the vehicles are delivered, they will be the manufacturer’s first trolleybuses in Ploiești, but not in Romania. In Baia Mare, Galați and Cluj-Napoca there are almost 100 trolleybuses from Poland on the road, further orders from Brașov and Craiova (here however battery electric buses) still have to be delivered.

The operator in Ploiești has opted for the 12-metre version of the Trollino, Solaris also offers the trolleybus in an 18-metre articulated version. The passenger compartment of the low-floor bus offers 35 seats and a ramp at the middle door for barrier-free entry and exit. In the middle there is also a storage area with lashing straps for wheelchairs or prams. According to the manufacturer, the vehicles ordered also have air conditioning, WLAN and a video surveillance system. The Trollino 12 is powered by a 160 kW electric motor.

The trolleybus network put into operation in 1997 in Ploiești is the youngest trolleybus network in Romania. With this order, the city with almost 250,000 inhabitants has renewed about half of its fleet. Solaris says that the trolleybus network is to be expanded in order to be able to offer more lines with the trolleybuses.,


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