BMW sets up eDrive zones in the UK

BMW’s eDrive zone technology is being introduced in the UK to ensure that their plug-in hybrid cars stay clean in London’s Ultra Low Emissions Zones. The zones have been launched in Birmingham and London so far, and can be downloaded via an over-the-air software update.

After initially introducing the eDrive Zone system last year in Germany, the entire country is now covered. Expanding to the UK is the first international branching out of the technology designed to keep hybrids relevant despite an ever-increasing movement towards completely emission-free traffic. The concept behind the technology is simple: BMW eDrive Zones trigger an automatic change to purely electric operating mode as soon as the vehicle enters selected urban areas such as low emission zones.

The vehicles that can take advantage of the technology in the UK are the BMW 330e, BMW 530e, BMW 745e and BMW X5 xDrive45e. The technology will be included as standard equipment from here on. Further, BMW added that they are launching “additional compatible models launching in the future.”

BMW seems sure that hybrid technology will present a lasting investment, particularly in terms of range: “This is the flexibility that customers want, as they make the transition to electromobility” said Pieter Nota, BMW AG board member for Customer, Brands, Sales commenting on the UK launch of BMW eDrive Zones. He insists that “A plug-in hybrid vehicle combines the best of two worlds: emission-free city-driving as well as long-distance capabilities.”,

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