Golf 8 PHEVs now on sale in select markets


VW brings two plug-in hybrid versions of the Golf, now in the eighth generation to dealerships, the Golf eHybrid and the new Golf GTE. The former develops 150 kW, the latter comes up to 180 kW.

Both Golf plug-in hybrids have become available in Germany where the Golf eHybrid starts from 39,781 euros. The Golf GTE costs from 41,667 euros. Both prices include VAT that is at 16% in Germany at the moment to aid the COVID recovery. According to Volkswagen, sales are on with immediate effect but fails to specify whether more markets are to follow or when.

Both PHEVs cater for different priorities. The Golf eHybrid drive is to offer “maximum comfort” according to VW while the Golf GTE serves a more sporty performance. These two models precede a total of eight different Golf and Golf Variant models with hybrid drive that will become available by the end of the year – thus making the Golf the brand’s product line with the highest level of hybridisation, states VW.

VW had unveiled the Golf in all its hybrid make-up in 2019 when our correspondent Christoph M. Schwarzer took a close look at a line, that may be the last of its kind and yet a best-seller across the EU. The Golf is both a facelift of its classic predecessor but visually not too far from the ID.3. Only every Golf 8 has a combustion engine fo course. Apart from the two plug-in hybrids now on sale, there will be three mild hybrids with 48-volt systems, two diesel engines and a natural gas drive. The e-Golf, on the other hand, no longer exists.

Volkswagen is thus making a clear distinction between the Modular Transverse Module (MQB) in the Golf and the Modular Electrification Module (MEB) in the ID.3. And, the plug-in hybrids are called eHybrids. The two available versions have the same drive train, and the plug-in battery has a capacity of 13 kWh. When their electrical energy is exhausted, an internal combustion engine with direct injection, turbocharger (TSI) and 1.4-litre displacement starts up. The system is designed as a parallel hybrid, so the electric motor sits between four cylinders on one side and a 6-speed dual-clutch gearbox (DSG) on the other. The combined output is 150 and 180 kilowatts (kW) respectively, with the stronger version again bearing the GTE label.

According to VW, the Golf eHybrid has a range of up to 80 kilometres in purely electric mode and the Golf GTE up to 62 kilometres. The ‘E-mode’ also allows purely electric driving on country roads and highways. At higher speeds and depending on the hybrid mode, driving profile or battery charge level, the petrol engine automatically switches on.

In terms of equipment, Volkswagen offers the Golf eHybrid in the upscale ‘Style’ version. To configure this model, clients must first select the conventional Golf for the three variants, then toggle the Style trim. Only then is the PHEV variant available for selection in the engine options.

Meanwhile, the GTE has a corresponding trim as an independent model. Always onboard are features such as the Digital Cockpit Pro, a leather steering wheel, driving and emergency brake assistants and a keyless starting system. The Golf GTE also features details such as customised bumpers and sports seats as well as an LED light strip in the radiator grille.


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