IAV announce EMC test centre near Stuttgart


The German engineering services provider IAV has announced the construction of a new EMC test centre in Heimsheim near Stuttgart. The new building is IAV’s response to the automotive industry’s demand for measuring and testing capacities for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

According to the company, construction of the EMC test centre is scheduled to start in late autumn this year. Commissioning is expected to take place at the beginning of 2022. The heart of the facility is an electromagnetic emission-free roller test bench for vehicles. All test-relevant driving modes such as acceleration, braking or recuperation can be displayed on the roller during the test process. A component test facility in which components from the parking sensor to the complete vehicle high-voltage battery can be measured completes the facility.

Immediately after completion, the EMC test centre will be tested and accredited by the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS). In this way, IAV wants to guarantee its customers that the test results are recognized both nationally and internationally and that the quality standard is documented.

“With our test centre we will, as one of the very few engineering partners in Europe, be in a position to deliver our customers the complete EMC development process as a one-stop-shop and from a single source, beginning with the specification sheet, support in EMC-optimized hardware development, integration into the overall vehicle with subsequent release recommendation”, says Matthias Kratzsch, Managing Director Technology.

EMV tests address problems in vehicles when electromagnetic disturbances may lead to unwanted effects and malfunctions in the electronics. For this reason, all manufacturers of electronic devices must prove that their products comply with the EMC guidelines. With increasing networking, enhanced assistance systems and the components of e-drives, not only the number of receiving devices that need to be protected against electromagnetic influences is rising, but also the number of potential interferers.

IAV says they have already been able to agree upon long-term cooperation with a German car manufacturer for EMC vehicle development and EMC testing of vehicles. The proximity to Stuttgart should be a strong indication of who this car manufacturer is. Still, at the same time, IAV insists that its test centre and component and vehicle testing facilities are also to be made available to other vehicle manufacturers and suppliers.


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