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Renault Trucks to offer financing for e-trucks


Renault Trucks is now offering various financing options their electric trucks. Renault Trucks Financial Services, the company’s leasing subsidiary, is providing the offers.

The three specific financing offers are the classic loan, leasing and finance lease. According to Renault Trucks, the company wants to help its customers to ensure that “the purchase cost of an electric vehicle should not hinder the energy transition of haulage companies”.

Like electric cars, commercial electric vehicles are slightly more expensive in terms of the purchase price (plus the appropriate charging infrastructure in the depot). Still, they are far more economical to run, with considerably lower energy costs and almost no maintenance costs.

Renault Trucks has not yet given the figures on the prices at which financing or leasing is possible. “For each of our customers, we study a tailor-made financing solution, which will give them optimal control over their operating costs and enable them to carry out their work in confidence,” says Tabitha Carpenter, Vice-President of Renault Trucks Financial Services.

According to Carpenter, Renault initially expects higher demand for leasing and finance leasing than for traditional credit. With finance leasing, it is already apparent when the contract is signed that the customer will return the vehicle at the end of the leasing period. In contrast, with leasing, the customer has the choice of buying the vehicle against payment of the residual value or returning it. Both give flexibility for a test phase.

“We expect our customers will initially choose financial or operational leasing, rather than a standard instalment credit, as they have little experience of electric technology”, continued Tabitha Carpenter. “At Renault Trucks, however, we have been working on this technology for ten years and already have experience in marketing electric trucks. We know that the vehicles in our Z.E. range are reliable and perform well over time. It is part of our role as a manufacturer to finance them.”

Renault Trucks offers the D Z.E. and D Wide Z.E., among others. Series production of the two electric trucks started in March at the Blainville-sur-Orne plant in Normandy. The D Z.E. is a 16-tonner, the D Wide Z.E. a 26-tonner, both are intended for distribution transport.


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