Oct 14, 2020 - 02:50 pm

UK prices out for regular VW ID.3 cars

One month after the UK delivery launch of the VW ID.3 1ST Edition, Volkswagen announced pricing for the seven pre-configured series ID.3 models. Order books are to open next week.

As the 1st Edition vehicles near the end of their sales lifetime, the newer variants of the ID.3 are being introduced.

Six of the new models will run on the already-known 58 kWh battery and 204 PS motor from the 1st Edition. The seventh, the ID.3 Tour, also runs on a 204 PS motor but introduces the largest planned battery of 77 kWh with an increased range of 336 miles (WLTP). Next year more accessible variants are to follow, including the smallest planned battery of 45 kWh.

The rest of the now-announced models will fall under the ‘ID.3 Pro Performance’ title and come with the previously mentioned 58 kWh battery. The six specification levels are titled Life, Style, Business, Family, Tech and Max. All of the models, including the Tour version, will feature LED headlights, Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Assist, Car2X, Natural Voice Control, parking sensors front and rear, and wheels no smaller than 18 inches in diameter as a standard, among several other comfort-oriented features.

The different specification levels are further pre-configured with different option packages: Design, Infotainment, Comfort, Assistance and Sport. The configuration packages can be purchased individually or together, and are designed to help streamline production for the battery-electric vehicle in Zwickau, Germany. While options such as ‘Design’ mainly focus on cosmetic issues, ‘Assistance’ introduces features such as illuminated door handles and keyless entry, as well as a rear-view camera. ‘Sport’ includes progressive steering and sports suspension. These are also available as a ‘Plus’ version, including even more features.

Not all options are available with each configuration, however, and the most affordable ID.3 Life model starts at £29,990 RRP OTR including the £3,000 plug-in car grant. The price includes both the ‘Comfort’ and ‘Infotainment’ packages. To compare – the ID.3 Tour, based on the Pro S with the 77 kWh battery, costs £39,2901 and carries the Design package and three ‘Plus’ packages: Infotainment, Comfort and Assistance.



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  1. Alex

    Heat pump standard in any of them? If no I’m not interested. I have never paid for any options and don’t plan too.

  2. NeverFollow

    To have the rear-view camera as an option is kind of f#%@$ !!!

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