Oct 14, 2020 - 04:48 pm

ViriCiti introduces smart charging for Qbuzz

The telematics specialist ViriCiti is introducing a smart charging solution for 163 electric bus charging points on behalf of the Dutch public transport operator Qbuzz. The smart charging function provided via the cloud will initially be implemented for Heliox chargers, with ABB chargers to follow shortly.

The ViriCiti solution will enable Qbuzz to manage the chargers – both plug-based and pantograph-based – with a total installed capacity of 24.04 MW, using advanced features such as load balancing, scheduled load balancing and remote start for preconditioning. The service will help Qbuzz manage the charging of 164 e-buses in the Dutch provinces of Groningen and Drenthe, which have been operating under the Qbuzz banner since the end of 2019.

“ViriCiti will optimize the charging process for Dutch operator Qbuzz across 163 charger connectors, through which flows an average of 14.4 MWh per day,” says the accompanying message from ViriCiti. Connected to the ViriCiti platform via the cloud, the charging processes can be controlled and optimized using algorithms in the future. And in such a way that “the efficiency of the charging infrastructure is increased and energy costs are reduced by thousands of euros through ‘peak shaving’,” according to the software specialists.

ViriCiti smart charging solution is interoperable, i.e. it can be implemented on chargers from different manufacturers. The same applies to the “Mixed Fleet” monitoring system, which the telematics specialist presented last year for operators of mixed bus fleets. The solution integrates all types of buses (electric, hybrid, hydrogen and diesel) and their energy infrastructure into one platform. It was also developed with Qbuzz and has been in use there for a year – now extended to include the smart charging approach for e-buses. In total, the Qbuzz fleet comprises around 430 buses.

ViriCiti was founded in 2012, is based in Amsterdam and focuses on complete solutions for all-electric and mixed fleets. The company describes itself as the market leader in monitoring and fleet systems for all-electric buses in Europe and North America and currently counts over 200 OEMs and fleet operators among its customers. Over 3500 buses and chargers are connected to the ViriCiti platform, according to the company’s headquarters.


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