Nov 4, 2020 - 05:16 pm

eLoaded presents plans for ‘e-Mobility hubs’

The German Charging infrastructure specialist eLoaded has presented plans for energy and mobility hubs that the company plans to build throughout Europe. One of these projects is an innovation centre for energy and mobility with “Europe’s most extensive charging infrastructure”.

Just under a month ago, the charging infrastructure company based in Neusäß, Germany, presented a project in Ulm: There eLoaded is currently building a semi-public company charging park with 30 HPC charging points for the kitchen supplier HoGaKa Profi. This is an unusual project for the commercial sector, as the charging points are to operate with enormous charging capacities of up to 280 kW each.

Now eLoaded gives insight into further ambitious plans, in which the enterprise participates in the course of research and development projects. Under the keyword eMobility-Hub, an innovation centre with more than 200 fast charging points with 140 kW each and more than 50 HPC charging points with up to 500 kW is to be built at a location “in the heart of Europe” not specified by eLoaded. The multi-storey, 20,000 square metre centre in hybrid construction will deal with the topics of energy and mobility, planned from the ground up so that the charging infrastructure can be optimally embedded.

The company from the German region of Schwabia, also say that they are working on innovative service concepts for energy and mobility hubs with their own specialist department and under scientific supervision. For example eLoaded analyses location requirements and draws up case studies to evaluate business approaches with the support universities and institutes such as the University of St. Gallen and the core competence centre Finance and Information Management of the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft. The company refers to hubs as mobility nodes and transfer platforms for the mobility of people, goods and services, which centralise not only individual transport and public transport but also sharing offers, ride-pooling and other mobility services.

In principle, eLoaded is interested in such concepts, especially from an economic point of view. The German company points out how important efficient energy distribution is between different mobility platforms and user groups, especially for larger charging locations. Among the “many concepts that have already been worked out in detail in various stages of development” are also proposals for hubs in which various forms of mobility are connected, such as air cabs.


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