Daymak reveals 6 micromobility vehicles with Avvenire

daymak avvenire

The Canadian manufacturer Daymak has announced a series of six electric light vehicles under the name Avvenire. The range includes an e-bike, a covered recumbent and covered e-scooters, a two-seater coupe and even an electric aircraft.

The company says that the development of the Avvenire vehicles has already started and are scheduled to roll out from now until 2025, with the initial release of the company’s first project in the 6-vehicle array, the Foras, that has been given an initial expected launch date of September 2021.

Aldo Baiocchi, founder of Daymak says: “We are excited that we will manufacture our product line here in Canada and create up to 500 new jobs in the Cleantech industry with the launch of Daymak Avvenire.” Baiocchi continues, “This will redefine what it means to travel using light electric vehicles. The technology we are designing will incorporate solar power to our fully enclosed vehicle line for an efficient, comfortable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional carbon-emitting vehicles right at our doorstep.”

The covered three-wheeled electric cycle Foras and the electric bicycle Terra, adhere to the federal laws in most countries allowing these micromobility vehicles to be driven on streets and bike paths without license or registration.

The company describes the Tectus as an AWD electric scooter. This vehicle incorporates solar trickle charging and a range of 160 kilometres.

The Aspero is an off-road all-terrain vehicle for which drivers must be registered depending on local laws. The company gives this vehicle a 400-kilometre range and says that the Aspero can accelerate from 0 to 60 in 1.8 seconds. The vehicle is designed with trickle charging from solar panels on the outside of the vehicle which adds additional energy to what the vehicle makers say is a two hour charging period.

The Spiritus is a street-legal, three-wheeled electric car that can be driven on all roads and highways. The Spiritus must be registered and licensed according to local legislation. Of the six vehicles presented, only the Spiritus is designed to take a second passenger.

For the Skyrider, which appears to be a passenger drone, Daymak says must be flown in approved airspaces, and be flown by licensed pilots.

Daymak is a Toronto-based company that incorporated in 2002. The company says that in that time they have sold over one hundred thousand light electric vehicles. Daymak has a distribution of over 200 dealers across Canada, United States, Europe, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. The company says that Avvenire vehicles can be shipped to customers anywhere across the globe.,


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