British Gas & Centrica go for Alfen charging stations


Britain’s largest energy supplier British Gas has signed a three-year contract with the Dutch charging infrastructure provider Alfen to supply charging equipment for its own business, for its parent company Centrica and for its customers.

Alfen’s smart AC chargers will initially be introduced to British Gas employees at home to speed up the electrification of their own company fleet. British Gas and Centrica’s premises will then be equipped with Dutch charging infrastructure. In addition, Centrica plans to offer Alfen chargers to business customers who want to electrify their fleets as part of a test. This is part of the development of a “Smart Energy Management Package”.

In the summer, British Gas ordered 1,000 Vivaro-e electric vans from the British Opel sister brand Vauxhall. According to the manufacturer, this was the largest commercial order for electric vehicles in the UK to date. The vans will arrive in the coming months and be used nationwide. For its part, parent company Centrica committed to electrify its 12,000 vehicle fleet by 2030 by joining the EV100 initiative in 2019.

“Transportation is a key area where we can reduce CO2 emissions and is an important part of our overall strategy to achieve our net-zero targets,” said Americo Lenza, Portfolio Director at British Gas Services & Solutions. Alfen was chosen because they have high quality charging stations with intelligent features and can be easily integrated with British Gas intelligent systems.


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