California Energy Commission invests in H2 stations


The California Energy Commission has approved a plan to invest up to $115 million to significantly increase the number of hydrogen fueling stations in the state. Up to 111 new hydrogen fueling stations will be built in California by 2027, including use by cars, trucks and buses.

The initiative comes with the background of Governor Gavin Newsom’s executive order phasing out the sale of new gasoline-powered passenger vehicles by 2035 by providing charging and hydrogen fueling infrastructure to meet the needs of the increasing number of zero-emission vehicles. So far, three grants have been awarded, totalling nearly $25 million for the installation of the first 30 stations, with 45 already open and operating. Of the planned 179 stations, 7 will be privately funded, while the rest fall under the jurisdiction of the California Energy Commission.

“We are proud to support these important infrastructure projects to ensure fueling is available as more Californians choose clean cars and trucks,” said CEC Commissioner Patty Monahan. “As the zero-emission vehicle market grows, drivers need to feel confident that they can refuel their vehicles, whether they are downtown or driving across the state.”


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