France introduces used EV subsidies

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In France, the government subsidy of 1,000 euros specifically for the purchase of used purely electric cars announced in October has now come into force. In addition, the government has extended the environmental bonus and the conversion premium in their current amounts until June 2021.

First, regarding the new subsidy for used electric cars: the subsidy is granted for the purchase or lease of passenger cars or light commercial vehicles that are at least two years old and have CO2 emissions of no more than 20 grams CO2/km – in other words, de facto only for pure battery and hydrogen vehicles. The support of a lump sum of 1,000 euros can be combined with the “prime à la conversion,” which subsidizes the purchase of a new or used electric car or plug-in hybrid with up to 5,000 euros when the old combustion engine is decommissioned.

This conversion premium has been extended in its current form until mid-2021. It can be applied for as soon as a vehicle in the French Crit’Air 3 category or older (for passenger cars, depending on whether it is a diesel or gasoline engine from EURO 4 or EURO 3) is exchanged for a cleaner new car. The amount of the bonus depends on the CO2 emissions of the new car. For internal combustion vehicles in the Crit’Air 1 or Crit’Air 2 classes with emissions of less than 137 grams of CO2 per kilometer, there is a bonus of 1,500 euros. For electric or PHEV vehicles with an e-range of more than 50 kilometers, the state grants 2,500 euros. For households with modest incomes, this sum is doubled again.

Meanwhile, to contain the economic impact of the health crisis, the government has decided to continue granting the environmental bonus at its existing level until mid-2021. Originally, the purchase incentive, which was increased during the Corona crisis, was to be decreased again starting next year. So the maximum rates of 7,000 and 5,000 euros for an electric car in the private and commercial sectors respectively will continue to apply.

With reporting by Cora Werwitzke, France.


about „France introduces used EV subsidies“
24.03.2021 um 20:42
Good to know. As we are looking to purchase a Tesla Model 3 Standard range model, we expect 7K Euros. My question is: how is this delivered? Is it something non-citizens living in France on a longer term visa can apply for? Thanks!
20.06.2021 um 20:52
what are the rules regarding personal income threshholds to benefit from the French governments low emission car subsidy scheme

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