Dec 21, 2020 - 03:19 pm

Australian capital to begin electrifying bus fleet


The ACT government (Government of the Australian Capital Territory) has made its first move towards having 90 electric buses on Canberra roads, launching a market sounding process for the supply of both the buses and supporting infrastructure.

After promising as much during the preceding election period, now the recently re-elected Labor-Greens government has to fulfil their promise to purchase of 90 electric buses. Last year, a series of tests were undertaken to showcase and evaluate electric mobility in and around the Australian capital Canberra.

The next step in the electrification process will call on battery-electric bus manufacturers to “come forward and provide information to the ACT government with information on suitable bus models, the associated charging infrastructure, maintenance services and energy supplies.” A formal tender will follow the process.

The Australian state of NSW and neighbouring country New Zealand also recently announced plans to cut emissions via electrifying public transport fleets. The Australian manufacturer Nexport is building an electric bus factory in NSW, which should provide a solid local supply for the new technologies.

“This process is not just about delivering 90 battery-electric buses, says ACT transport minister Chris Steel, adding: “We are seeking innovative solutions to how we house and support, charge and maintain the fleet, as well as how we can partner with energy providers that will make the transition successful in the ACT.”,

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