Alauda presents final flying racecar build for 2022 season

The Australian company Alauda has presented the final design for the electric VTOL ‘Airspeeder Mk3’, which will compete in the first season of the electric aerial racing series later this year.

The planned racing series with electrically powered flying cars was first announced by Alauda in 2017. At the time, the technology was principally available, however, the futuristic concept still seemed far off. It took two years before we heard from the Australian company again. At the time, the electric flying cars were presented as prototypes at a show in Australia, where the goal of an aerial electric racing league was reaffirmed.

Now, the 3rd generation of the prototype to compete in races at speeds of more than 120 kph was presented. It will initially be controlled remotely by pilots on-site, meaning the first season will be more of a drone race than the initially announced aerial race. This will likely not remain the case for too long, however, as Airspeeder hopes to develop the Mk3 into a manned racing vehicle for the 2022 season. After finally securing sufficient funding for their futuristic concept last summer, the plan is now for more than ten identical Mk3s to be produced and delivered to teams this year. More details on the racing series are to follow in the coming months.


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