Regensburg bus depot equipped with Siemens Smart Infrastructure


In Germany, Siemens Smart Infrastructure has received an order from Regensburger Verkehrsbetriebe to equip their bus depot. Siemens will supply both charging infrastructure and power supply technology.

The Sicharge UC 200 charging stations will be able to supply 22 new electric buses at 23 parking spaces with a charging capacity of 150 kW each. Commissioning is planned for this year.

Manfred Koller, Managing Director of das Stadtwerk Regensburg, explains what tipped the scales in favour of the Sicharge system: “It is important for us to integrate the new charging infrastructure into the existing bus depot easily and economically.” He added that “We need to be able to add more charging options in future.” In conclusion, he explained, “We decided to go with Siemens because of their easy-to-expand charging infrastructure as well as their busbar trunking system for power distribution as an alternative to complex wiring.”

In the solution that Siemens Smart Infrastructure will set up in Markomannenstraße, a special cable reel is used at 16 of the 23 parking spaces, where the cable is automatically rolled up after the charging process is completed. This will keep the drive-through lanes clear.

Siemens plans to install transformers and a Sivacon S8 low-voltage switchgear for the connection to the power grid of the local utility REWAG. Within the depot, the electricity will then be distributed via the busbars that Koller mentioned above.

“This project demonstrates yet again the importance of integrating new charging infrastructure into existing structures. Many cities are investing in sustainable bus transport, but the retrofit has to be as economical as possible. For this reason, converting existing bus depots to eBus operations must be easy and cost-efficient,” said Birgit Dargel, Head of Future Grids at Siemens Smart Infrastructure.

Which vehicle models will be charged in the depot in the future has not yet been determined. Regensburg received the funding commitment for the 22 electric buses from the General Federal Ministry for the Environment in October 2020.


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