Feb 16, 2021 - 11:28 am

Peugeot e-Rifter to be available in two lengths

PSA is continuing their electrification initiative with Peugeot giving the Rifter van an electric drive. The high-roof family van with up to seven seats will be launched on the market in autumn 2021 as the e-Rifter, which includes familiar PSA drive technology.

In Peugeot’s model portfolio, the Rifter is the passenger car counterpart to the smaller Partner van, for which the electric version has also already been announced for autumn 2021. At Opel/Vauxhall, the double is called Combo-e Life (passenger car) or Combo-e Cargo (commercial vehicle), at Citroën it is the ë-Berlingo and ë-Berlingo panel van.

The Vitesco electric motor with 100 kW output is coupled with a 50 kWh battery in both versions of the Peugeot e-Rifter (standard and long), which should enable WLTP ranges of up to 280 kilometres; the 75 kWh battery is not available here. Like its PSA siblings, the e-Rifter can tow up to 750 kilograms braked on the trailer hitch.

An on-board charger with 11 kW is standard on board; at an appropriate charging point, the complete charging process takes just over five hours. For DC charging, the usual PSA specification is that the e-Rifter can charge to 80 per cent in 30 minutes at a charging station with 100 kW.

In the press release, Peugeot emphasises that space and load volume are exactly the same as in the combustion engine versions of the Rifter. In the five-seat configuration, that’s at least 775 litres. In the standard length (also called L1), the e-Rifter is 4.40 metres long and has five seats. In the long version L2 (4.75 metres), five seats are standard, with seven seats available as an option. If the seats in row 2 and the passenger seat are folded down, the load volume increases to over 4,000 litres. Compared to its sister models, the e-Rifter has a kind of off-road/outdoor look with black plastic parts, but has no separate off-road options. At 1.90 metres tall, the car should still fit into most garages and parking garages.

The new e-Rifter is expected to be available for order from the second half of this year. Peugeot has not yet announced prices, however, it has already been announced that the e-Rifter will be available in four trims (Active Pack, Allure, Allure Pack and GT).



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