ElringKlinger receives major cell system order


ElringKlinger announced a major order for cell contact systems. Names were not disclosed, but the Group will supply the German plant of a global battery manufacturer starting in the first half of 2022, which will produce battery systems there for the series platform of a German premium OEM.

The order has a total volume in the mid-three-digit million euro range and runs for around nine years. Series production at the Neuffen site is scheduled to start within the next fifteen months. Dr Stefan Wolf, CEO of ElringKlinger AG, describes the new order as “This contract is another important step for ElringKlinger in the context of transformation and highlights our expertise as a leading supplier within the field of e-mobility.”

ElringKlinger has been mass-producing battery components such as cell contact systems for just under ten years. These are customized and, according to ElringKlinger, can be placed and welded directly onto the cell composite. The necessary voltage and temperature sensors are already included, and monitoring electronics can also be integrated. In addition to components, the Group also offers battery modules in prismatic and cylindrical designs as well as complete battery systems. “The first series production orders are currently in the pre-manufacturing phase,” the manufacturer says.

In addition, the Group is increasingly focusing on hydrogen and fuel cells. In recent months, the supplier has entered into important cooperations in this area, for example with VDL for commercial vehicles and Airbus for potential use in aviation. However, probably the most important cooperation in this area was reached with the French company Plastic Omnium at the end of October 2020: Together, they want to establish a joint venture to develop fuel cells, build them in large-scale production and market them. The joint venture is to be based at ElringKlinger’s headquarters in Dettingen.

As announced in January, a new site is also to be established in Neuffen, ten kilometres away. In addition to the Battery Technology division, activities of the Drivetrain division will also be relocated there. The order mentioned at the beginning is also to be processed at the new location. According to ElringKlinger, the move to Neuffen is likely to be completed in two stages in 2021 and 2022.


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