Tesla still without Giga Berlin plant manager


Tesla is apparently still missing a new plant manager for the Giga Berlin factory in Grünheide. According to a media report, former Daimler manager René Reif never started at Tesla despite an original agreement.

After Evan Horetsky, overall project manager for the construction of the German Gigafactory, was fired in October 2020, Reif was supposed to take over the post. Reif had most recently headed the Berlin-Marienfelde engine plant at Daimler, but then took early retirement. A few weeks later, IG Metall had announced that Reif would move to Tesla, which was perceived as a “betrayal” by the union.

Although Reif was supposed to start working for Tesla in January, he never took up the position at Giga Berlin, according to information from the German-language publication Automobilwoche. A source for this information was not mentioned.

This information is plausible since no new plant manager has yet made an appearance. Recently, there were reports that Tesla partners complained about the management vacuum at Giga Berlin, as some orders had been signed by Tesla representatives from Amsterdam.

Tesla has still not given any new information about the start of production at Giga Berlin in Grünheide. Thus, the planned opening in July continues to be the date. A final building permit is expected by the end of March or the beginning of April.

As the report reveals, the former Grünheide project manager Horetsky also has a new job in Europe. He now works for the Swedish sports car manufacturer Koenigsegg as Chief Industrialisation Officer.


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