CATL invests in Aiways as it reveals the production U6


The Chinese electric car maker Aiways has published the first pictures of the production version of its second electric model after the U5. The crossover coupé Aiways U6 is to be launched in China and Europe later this year. CATL has also just invested in the Chinese carmaking startup.

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Like the already available U5, the U6 is based on the self-developed scalable platform Aiways MAS (More Adaptable Structure). The production version adopts almost all the details of the Aiways U6 ion concept study presented a year ago. In doing so, the Chinese company is said to have followed the philosophy of “form follows function.” Aiways says the U6 is said to “successfully” implement lightweight construction and aerodynamics themes.

The proximity to the study also means that the massive front, which the manufacturer calls a “shark nose”, has made it into series production. The Audi e-tron Sportback has already shown that the dome-like passenger cell and sloping rear offer aerodynamic advantages compared to its SUV sister.

Although Aiways has not provided any figures in the form of the cW value for the U6, the company says that the ‘exemplary aerodynamics’ have been achieved ‘not least through sophisticated air guidance functions that specifically guide flows past resistances’.

Practicality was not necessarily the focus with the U6, for which Aiways says it already has the U5 in its programme. The U6 is supposed to complement the range “as a sporty variant for open-minded and young customers who place high demands on technical solutions and an independent design”. Aiways has not yet announced prices and technical data for the U6.

Meanwhile, it has been announced that Aiways has gained a new investor and technology partner. The Chinese battery cell manufacturer CATL has invested in Aiways. Neither company has revealed further details about the amount of the investment. Aiways and CATL say they want to work together on battery technologies.

Update 03 June 2021: The Chinese electric car manufacturer Aiways has produced the first pre-production vehicles of its second model at its plant in Shangrao. The recently introduced all-electric crossover coupé Aiways U6 can already be reserved in China, and pre-sales in Europe will begin later this year. Aiways says it has exported more than 2,500 units of its first model, the U5 electric SUV, to Europe so far. The Aiways U5 is currently offered in five European countries: Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France and the Netherlands. More are to follow this year.

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