Tesla to launch Plaid Model S deliveries in June

Tesla will start deliveries of the new edition of the Model S, specifically the Plaid variant, on 3 June. On this day, Tesla is planning its own event at its factory in Fremont, California.

The deliveries and the event were announced by Elon Musk on Twitter. The Model S Plaid is the middle variant, which already has three motors with a total of 750 kW, but still has a battery made of the familiar 18650 cells. Below that is the Model S Long Range with a 18650 battery and two electric motors and above that, the Model S Plaid+, which will probably have the new 4680 cells. The top model is supposed to have more than 810 kW of power and, above all, a range of an estimated 837 kilometres. However, this version will only be launched on the market a little later.

While the changes to the body are only minor, the interior has also received a major update alongside the powertrain. As with Model 3 and Model Y, the large display is now installed crosswise and no longer upright. The most striking feature, however, is the “yoke” steering wheel without a circumferential steering wheel rim. In addition, there are no more steering column levers, and the indicators and lights are now operated via buttons in the steering wheel.

With deliveries of the Model S Plaid starting (and the Long Range following shortly afterwards, according to US media), the statistics for the second quarter will again show a few Model S examples. Tesla had only achieved the current delivery record from Q1 2021 with the Model 3 and Model Y, as production of the Model S and X had been at a standstill since mid-December 2020.

A production interruption of a few weeks was expected to retool the Fremont facilities for the updated models. When the vehicles were unveiled in January, it was said that the first examples would be delivered in February – so after several delays, it is now expected to be early June.

It is still unclear when deliveries of the revised Model S will start in Europe. Those who only order now will have to wait a little longer: For new buyers, both the ‘Maximum Range’ (from 86,990 euros) and the Plaid (from 116,990 euros) are listed as an expected delivery date in the first quarter of 2022. For the Model S Plaid+ (from 149,990 euros), only the year 2022 is mentioned.

Is Tesla planning a British Gigafactory?

In the meantime, the rumours that have been circulating for some time that Tesla could also be planning a factory in Great Britain are getting new nourishment. As is now becoming clear, Elon Musk also made a detour to the island a few days ago on the way to his latest visit to Germany and apparently stayed there for two days. According to a British media report, Musk’s visit coincided with the British government’s search for the site of a “major new car plant”.

According to media reports, the site is to be in Teeside or the West Midlands. Apparently, the regional authorities had only 48 hours to prepare a bid for the approximately 250-hectare site. In view of such statements, the plans seem to be at an early stage and not close to a contract. Neither the government nor Tesla wanted to comment on the speculation.

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