UK specs out for the Citroën ë-Relay & Peugeot e-Jumper

Citroën’s biggest and most capacious van is now available to order in the UK with a choice of two all-electric drivetrains. Basic prices for the battery-powered ë-Relay start from £49,335 (after the Government Plug-in-Van Grant is applied, excluding VAT).

The specifications for the electric transporter were released last year, when Citroën initially presented the ë-Jumper, which is an  alternative name for the ë-Relay. The transporter’s electric motor has an output of 96 kW and is available with two battery versions. The smaller battery with 37 kWh will have a range of around 200 kilometres according to WLTP, the larger battery with 70 kWh will have a range of around 340 kilometres.

Charging the ë-Relay can be done at at an AC charging facility within five hours (37 kWh) or seven hours (70 kWh). Alternatively, the batteries can also be charged with direct current (CCS). In this case, both battery variants require one hour to 80 per cent at a charging station with 50 kW. For the versions with a permissible total weight of 3.5 tons, the maximum speed is 110 km/h, while the four-tonne version can reach 90 km/h.

At the same time, French competitor Peugeot UK has opened reservations for the new e-Boxer van, with prices starting from £49,335 (after PiVG, excluding VAT). The e-Boxer was officially released last summer, featuring an output of 90 kW and payload of up to 1,890 kg. Two battery versions are also available for the e-Boxer, however these are tied to the size: “The L2 length comes with a 37kWh unit, while L3 and L4 versions feature a larger, 70kWh battery. Both lithium-ion batteries are connected to a 90kW electric motor producing 350Nm of torque,” the manufacturer writes.

“The largest model available on the PEUGEOT fleet, the e-Boxer provides drivers and business operators with a practical model that can meet many needs,” said Julie David, Managing Director of Peugeot UK, adding: “The e-Boxer is another fantastic addition to our growing electric range, and we look forward to seeing more businesses make the transition to electric vehicles.” (ë-Relay), (e-Boxer)

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about „UK specs out for the Citroën ë-Relay & Peugeot e-Jumper“
Joseph Farley
27.05.2021 um 05:25
To double the cargo handling utility, add a "Low Floor" modes(s). Either include front wheel drive or, for conventional rear axle drive, drop the floor just behind the axle. A "Low Floor" opens the door to roll unit movements & endless "Feeder" utility for B2B & other line-balancing strategies.

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