Jun 2, 2021 - 10:54 am

Volvo is launching the C40 Recharge in the Netherlands, Norway

Volvo has opened the order books for the C40 Recharge in the first European countries. The second electric model in the Swedish companies’ current range is available to order now in the Netherlands and Norway and from 3 June in Sweden and the UK. Other markets will follow in the coming weeks.

Volvo had introduced the C40 Recharge as a spin-off of the XC40 Recharge in early March. Both vehicles use the same drive system of the CMA platform, i.e. they have 300 kW power and a 78 kWh battery. Volvo has given the C40 some independent elements on the body, for example on the headlights or the rear doors. This is why the C40 Recharge is listed as a separate model and not as the XC40 Recharge Coupé.

It is not yet known when the C40 Recharge will be available in other European nations, or at what prices. The currently known prices from the Netherlands could yield a clue, however: The C40 Recharge is offered from 57,995 euros in the Netherlands, or in a subscription from 779 euros per month. This means that the additional price compared to the XC40 Recharge in the Netherlands is 1,500 euros, as the latter costs at least 56,495 euros there.

In Germany, the current model of the XC40 Recharge is listed in the Volvo configurator at 57,900 euros. However, the 3,000 euro manufacturer’s share of the environmental bonus has already been deducted from this price, so the gross list price is 60,900 euros. Taking the 1,500 Euro surcharge as a basis, the C40 Recharge could cost 62,400 Euro gross in Germany.

However, it should also be mentioned that the XC40 Recharge is cheaper in Germany than in the Netherlands. Instead of 779 euros, the standard version costs 699 euros per month. Incidentally, the monthly rate of 779 euros in the Netherlands applies to both the electric version of the XC40 and the C40.

In Norway, the C40 Recharge is listed with 554,900 kroner as the purchase price or 6,890 kroner in the subscription. That is the equivalent of 54,654 euros or 678.62 euros monthly instalment.

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