Jun 4, 2021 - 11:18 am

The emission-free power of poo

Urban Utilities has launched Australia’s first poo-powered SUV, their second vehicle powered by electricity generated from sewage. Aptly named ‘Number 2’, the new SUV – a Hyundai Kona Electric – is the second vehicle to join the Urban Utilities poo car lineup.

“On average, one person’s daily habits can generate enough electricity to make the car travel around 450 metres,” a spokesperson for Urban Utilities said. The electricity is produced by biogas from sewage treatment which is fed into a cogeneration unit at the wastewater treatment plant. It takes 150,000 litres of sewage to power one full charge of the car, which gets a range of 450km.

gizmodo.com.au, urbanutilities.com.au


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