Tesla rumoured to open Superchargers for 3rd parties in Scandinavia

The US electric car manufacturer Tesla is apparently planning to open up some of its supercharging stations in Norway and Sweden to electric vehicles from other manufacturers by September 2022 at the latest. There has been speculation about opening up the network to third parties for some time.

Several media reports were published on the latest push with reference to documents, some of which were published on Twitter. According to these documents, Tesla has applied for subsidies for the construction of charging stations in Norway. However, these are only available to providers who make their charging infrastructure freely accessible. According to the reports, Tesla applied for “the expansion of five fast-charging stations” in the Norwegian province of Vestland. The company described in the application that “the relevant charging stations will be publicly accessible from the third quarter of 2022”.

There are apparently similar plans in Sweden. The Swedish Transport Agency is providing funding to build more charging stations for electric cars in the country. There too, charging stations must be offered to all-electric vehicles in order to receive funding. According to the reports, Tesla is looking at “six public charging stations” there. Tesla had ticked a corresponding box in the application form. “We therefore assume that the charging stations they build will be public,” Hanna Eklöf of the Swedish Transport Agency is quoted as saying.

That Tesla could also make its network accessible to third parties has been speculated for some time, particularly because company CEO Elon Musk has repeatedly hinted at such a step.

In Germany, Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer has recently fuelled the conversation about Tesla’s charging stations. He told the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung: “I am in direct talks with manufacturers like Tesla to ensure that the existing infrastructure, for example Tesla Superchargers, is also opened up to other manufacturers. There are still technical questions to be clarified, “but I expect that we will come to a solution,” said Scheuer.

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