Eneco and Solutions 30 expand cooperation

Charging specialist Eneco eMobility and installation service provider Solutions 30 are expanding their cooperation. Building on their cooperation in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, the duo now intends to increasingly serve major customers such as Ford Germany and Jaguar Land Rover.

Eneco eMobility specializes in charging solutions for private and commercial customers and is already an installation partner of Ford Germany and Jaguar Land Rover, among others. The Netherlands-based company describes itself as a “top 3 charging service provider in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg” and has ambitions to expand in Europe. In addition to installation, Eneco also offers management of the charging systems.

“Solutions 30 is our extension to the customer,” explains Joris Laponder, CCO of Eneco eMobility. With 16,000 technicians across Europe visiting 60,000 customers every day, the service provider is a major player in the European market and can reliably handle large order volumes, he said. “In the key account business, it’s all about volume. A lot of charging stations have to be installed and set up within a short period of time,” Laponder said. “That’s why Solutions 30 is our ideal partner for this.”

The partners also have the European scalability of their partnership in mind: “Together, we can roll out our services in almost all European countries in a short time,” says Robert Ziegler, CEO of Solutions 30 in Germany. According to the service provider, its technicians currently cover all of France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Iberian Peninsula, Great Britain and Poland.

The division of labour between Eneco and Solutions 30 is as follows: If a customer orders a charging station for their electric car via a local dealer, Eneco eMobility first provides the advice. Solutions 30 then takes care of the pre-check, installation and acceptance. From now on, the duo plans to increasingly target large customers. “Our vision is for everyone to be able to fill up with electricity everywhere, easily and reliably – from 100 per cent renewable energies. Large companies like Ford Germany are an important success factor for this, because through them we can reach many potential electromobilists in a short time,” says Laponder.

Eneco eMobility has been an independent spin-off of the Dutch energy supplier Eneco since 2018. At the end of 2019, a consortium led by Mitsubishi bought the utility – and thus also its 100 per cent electromobility subsidiary. The company specializes in renewable energies and was previously owned by several Dutch municipalities.

Solutions 30, meanwhile, is known in Germany primarily in the telecommunications sector. By expanding its cooperation with Eneco eMobility, among other things, the listed company now wants to expand further in the energy segment.



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